Leading Lines Homework

This is an image from the other morning walking to my bus stop. There is no clear, straight lines, but you can see the distinct lines in the sky, as well as the street and the trees.  This image is when I toured Ithaca College's musical theatre department. As you can see, there are many clear lines and shapes in this picture. 

adobe spark project - orlando, florida


pixlr lesson 6 - adding text

I chose two images to add text to.

image 1
I added the date of when this photo was taken.  original picture
 I added the location and the year to this image.
original picture

pixlr lesson 5 - combining photos

For this assignment, I combined two photos together on pixlr.
This is an image I took at the boardwalk over the summer. 
This is an image of cranes that I found on google images. 
I had selected one of the cranes from the previous image and copy and pasted it into the image of the boardwalk. This is the end results.

homework assignment - february 6, 2018

While walking down my street yesterday morning, I saw a car parked on the side of the street, covered in frost with the sunrise behind it. I thought it looked pretty, so I took these three photos of it. I took several angles; one in landscape, one in portrait, and another in landscape. While two pictures capture the sides of the vehicle, one displays the top of the car.

pixlr lesson 4 - cloning stamp tool

The original picture of me and my best friend, Clare.
This is the same image but edited; I had cloned more hearts around us, and also cropped it slightly.  This is the unedited picture of my boyfriend Michael.  This is the edited version, with much more sushi, because who doesn't want more sushi?

pixlr lesson 3 - magic wand, layers, and adjustments

cup of tea, unedited
cup of tea using the magic wand tool, with a blurry filter around the selected part (the tea). an unedited picture of audrey hepburn new, edited version, using a very unusual filter for it.