the CapyBeara

The CapyBeara 

The capybeara is a rare mixed specimen between polar bear and capybara, with the head of a polar bear and its huge rodent-like body. The capybeara spends its days joyously swimming in small ponds feasting upon fellow ducks and geese, or happily trotting along through forest paths pretending it's a deer.
But the story of the capybeara has its twists and turns. The capybeara can only be seen when you are times of trouble or need. In my case, my feet were stuck in mud along side a trail when the capybeara appeared right before my eyes. I stared into his eyes as if to say that I in fact really did need help. From reading all of the myths and legends about the mysterious creature, it always finds ways to help or save you in these difficult and frustrating times. But those are just stories. We exchanged glances at one another, and its strange eyes looked back into mine as if to say, "I really don't care." He watched me as I struggled to lift myself up, seemingly staring into my soul. Then finally the capybeara approached me, and a few moments later, pulled my gloves off my hands and put them on his feet, slowly walking away.
The capybeara is nothing more but a mischievous thief. If you happen to come across him, be careful, and tell him to give me back my gloves. My hands are cold.