The New Apple TV

Monday September 14, 2015
Apple TV Goes All In For Apps
Tech News World

The iPhone would be agreed to being the most important Apple product there is, but in recent studies it has now been arguable. Apple has just announced that in late October the brand new Apple TV will be released with its own app store and a bluetooth remote (Siri remote) in which you can talk into and helps you find videos and other apps, and also even directing Siri to help out during a playback. For example, while you are watching a video/tv show/movie, one of the features allows you to ask Siri what a character just said. After asking something a bit like, “What did she just say?” Siri will respond by rewinding 15 seconds back in the video and temporarily turning on the captions for you to read. The apple remote can also be used for games, such as Crossy Road, which can now be played as a multiplayer game by using the control buttons on two separate remotes.
While searching the Internet, this article definitely caught my attention. I think it is fascinating how we as a society are advancing our technology in this way, now talking into tvs and playing video games that were originally played on our phones now on our remotes. It also makes me feel very interested on how it is going to

advance even more in the next couple years, and makes me wonder what tvs and other technologies we have today will advance in the next fifty years from now.

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