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Cape Cod News
April 27, 2017
     Sia has spent more then half her career hiding her identity from the world. It was reported that today she has revealed her face to the public eye. Who is she? Or should we say, he? As it turns out, we already know the face behind the mask all too well... 
     Once the wig was removed, we saw the face of Matilda's father, actor Danny Devito. We were  all in shock to discover Sia's true identity, and more shocked to discover Sia has been a male singer all along.
     We asked Mr. Devito in his interview as to why he wanted to keep his identity a secret, if he was already in the public eye?
     "That was my whole reason," Danny starts "I wanted to keep my singing career and acting career as separate things. I'm already very well recognized as an actor, and did not want any bias towards my singing. I chose to do this for artistic reasons, but I think it's time that I tell the truth to my fans."
     "Since I've been working with Danny in his music videos, he's become a father figure to me," Maddie Ziegler says "I really enjoy performing with him and I really believe he has true potential in the performing arts, even if he is already famous."
     This is most certainly not what the world expected, but the best news the world could receive. Cape Cod News wishes him luck with juggling both of his careers, and so does his fans.