real or fake news?

Real or Fake News?
Below, there are some links which will be reviewed, and I will answer the question whether I think the website is real or fake news.

Dog Island
Although it would definitely be amazing and a dream come true to have an island full of dogs, I doubt that this article is actually real. It barely has any information - any clear location of the island, who wrote the article, when it was written, no clear location of the office or the organization. The whole website is very sketchy. I would have to say it is definitely fake news.

The Ova Prima Foundation
I would have to call fake news on this article as well. There is no clear location of the organization, as well as any information on the person who supposedly founded this foundation. I could not find the author of the article or when it was written.

Endangered Tree Octopus
Unlike the previous two article reviews, I believe that this article is, in fact, real. The author of the article and the date of when it was written was visible, as well as pictures of the animal, reasons why it is endangered, where it lives, how you can help and prevent extinction, etc. I'd say that this article is definitely real.

All About Explorers
I think that this article is either fake, or not useful. There is an information page about the authors, where they come from, and what they do. It also provides images of explorers and information on each one, available for students and teachers. On the other hand, there is a section on the page where they had discussed a law suit against them. "It has been a rough couple of months for the All About Explorers team. Our site has been the defendant in a class action lawsuit brought by a group of parents, guardians, and private tutors. The plaintiffs were seeking restitution and damages resulting from low grades which they claim were unfairly caused by information we supplied to their children and students via our website." Lawsuit Although it is unclear to me whether it is real or fake, it is definitely very strange.

Although the website does not look completely convincing, Mankato is in fact a real place, in MN. The website includes links to maps, information on the town, its history, activities you can do, etc.

Geno Choice
I don't think Geno Choice is a real website. It doesn't look or state any information that is convincing.When it talked about the doctor, the image next to the information was a mirror selfie of someone. I believe this is fake news.

Buy an Ancestor
Like the one before, this website does not include any information that is convincing. I couldn't find the author of the article or the date it was published, there were more than ten ads on the sides, and there was no real information of where the author gets the information, or how the website was started. This is fake news.